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2018-2020: Development of bioreceptive concretes to improve the development and preservation of flat oysters

FOREVER is a project aiming to inventory and restore the last flat oyster beds in Brittany, using innovative techniques with a regional objective of blue growth and sustainable development.

The aim of this project is to perpetuate the production of the flat oyster, an emblematic and heritage species of the Brittany coasts, by restoring its wild banks, while conserving coastal biodiversity and using ecological engineering techniques from the circular economy.

The challenge is threefold:

  • Heritage: Declining aquaculture species
  • Circular Economy: Artificial Reefs made from Oyster Shells
  • Biodiversity: A habitat for a hundred or so species

This project benefits from European funding from the EMFF and the French government with a budget of €1.2M.


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