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Expert in Eco-materials and BIM design

The aim of the Specialised Master "Eco Materials Expert and BIM Design" is to train high-level engineers and technical managers, capable of positioning themselves as reference points, at national and international level, to implement the sustainable development approach for construction in all building sectors. 

The training, with the CGE label, has been developed to meet the needs of companies in the sector by drawing on the latest research advances in the field and the use of digital simulation for the processing of case studies and projects. After one year of study, including a 6-month assignment in a company, graduates of ESITC Caen's MS programme have expertise that is in high demand on the job market.


To position yourself as a referent, at national and international level for :


  • Manage and lead an eco-construction project using BIM,
  • Participate in all phases of the design of healthy, energy-efficient and low environmental impact buildings,
  • Participate in the development of innovative alternative materials and better understand the impact of materials and buildings over time, for man and his health,
  • Assessing the environmental impacts of materials
  • Implementing a LEAN management approach



Integrate structures such as : 

  • Companies in the construction and housing sector
  • Engineering offices
  • Contractors and assemblers
  • Control and supervisory bodies in the construction and housing sector
  • Public or private clients
  • Materials laboratories
  • Research organisations

As a :

  • Expert in the control of the life cycle of constructions and their components
  • BIM Project Manager
  • Expert engineer in eco-design of buildings
  • Technical assistant to the contracting authority (AMO) integrated in the design, construction and operation phases
  • Environmental quality manager for construction, adaptation and management of buildings and housing
  • Environmental quality manager for building sites
  • Advice, expertise and upstream studies (opportunity, feasibility, etc.) in France and abroad on projects for the design and/or rehabilitation of buildings and housing.
  • Project managers, project managers, project engineers, price studies, etc.
  • New building materials laboratory manager.

Saint-Gobain Group, Eiffage, Bouygues Construction, Sogea N.O. (Vinci Group), GreenAffair, Ingérop, CMEG, CoDEM, Egis,Novalog, Novimage, Solugéo, Phase B, Halbout Consultants, Medieco, Arcène, Artelia and Anteagroup, as well as small and medium-sized companies in conjunction with industry federations.

To apply for a job


5 years of higher education: an engineering degree, a degree in architecture, a university degree of Master 2 in technical and scientific training specialising in the building and public works sector or an equivalent wishing to specialise in eco-materials.
a Bac+4, Master 1 or equivalent followed by a minimum of 3 years of professional experience
Engineers or managers in the sector, within the framework of external or internal professional mobility

Cost of initial training: 10,000 euros

Cost Continuing education: 12,000 euros

Application: open
Start date: 03 October 2022
Please note that these dates are given as an indication only and are subject to availability.
Complete applications will be processed as they come in.

To submit an application form :
- Create an account: http://portail.esitc-caen.fr/users/account/register
- Validate the creation of your account via your email address
- Login to the admission portal: http://portail.esitc-caen.fr
To help you with these steps we advise you to download or print the tutorial.

Registration fee for the competition: 80 euros


Contest rules
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